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Join our premier 66 day Leadership Course today.
Learn to be a leader through practical, daily training that you can use in practice that same day.

The 66 Day Leadership Course

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Leadership Coaching

We have hand crafted a 66 day course that will instill the talents, skills and knowledge it takes to be a world class leader.
This is a Master Class of daily routines, knowledge, skills and practical training that will help you build your team and become the best leader possible.
What you put into it, you will get out of it.

Our Map to Success

With the structure of a daily routine, tools to plan your day and skills to transform how you view the world of Leadership.
This initiative will dig deep into what makes a Leader a Leader, how you can avoid the traps of "management" and how to create high performing teams that will wow your customers and clients each and every day.

Why this course?

Because we believe there is more to business than just the numbers, spreadsheets and P&L's.
Your employees are people too and we want to help you grow them, foster trusting relationships and in turn give customers the best experience possible.
All of these things lead to a healthy, long term business.

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